New @ The Deck – My Attic, Nantra, Miel, Flair

A reminder that there are only two days left of My Attic @ The Deck, so do not miss out on the great items for only 95L each during this event.

My Attic - March - Starts Midnight SLT

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Nantra has updated their store @ The Deck, so come on by and try out all their great pose sets. Also don’t miss out on grabbing their two great items at My Attic.

{NanTra} Vignette Ad{NanTra} In Repose Ad

{NanTra} Defying Gravity Ad{NanTra} And the Winner Is... Ad{NanTra} Requiem Ad


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Miel has released this wonderful mesh courier bag in their store at The Deck. This bag has a great range of options for colour change, so check it and all the other amazing items at Miel.



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Flair has added Ghetto Booty appliers to their Toeless leggings packs, for those that already owned them previously just use the redelivery terminal in the store.


Flair - Toeless Leggings- Brights w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Darks w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Electric w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Lights w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Mono w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Natural w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Soft w Booty


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My Attic @ The Deck – Images

My Attic - March - Starts Midnight SLT


A reminder that My Attic started just before the weekend, so if you were not around, please stop by and enjoy all the great items listed below. All My Attic items are 95L each until the end of the session, where they will then be released in the stores for full price.

Adam n Eve  @ My Attic

Adore & Abhor  @ My Attic

BOOM  @ My Attic

DCNY @ My Attic

Emery  @ My Attic

EMO-tions  @ My Attic

Exile  @ My Attic

Fishy Strawberry  @ My Attic

Flair  @ My Attic

Girl Thursday  @ My Attic

Has Been @ My Attic

Koy  @ My Attic

Lacuna Inc @ My Attic

Le Primitif  @ My Attic

Leri Miles Designs  @ My Attic

LWarwick  @ My Attic

Mina Hair @ My Attic

Miseria  @ My Attic

Nantra  @ My Attic

Ploom  @ My Attic

Pretense Poses  @ My Attic

Pure Poison  @ My Attic

Somnia @ My Attic

Stellar  @ My Attic

SySy's @ My Attic

Tableau Vivant  @ My Attic

Tutti Frutti @ My Attic

WWinx & Flair  @ My Attic


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