New @ The Deck – ZImberLab Roads

ZimberLab Roads A @ The Deck

ZimberLab Textured Roads A2 @ The Deck


Two great kits by ZimberLab now available @ The Deck. The first a full perms building kit of road parts, and everything you need to create your own textures for them with editing software. Then you have the Mod/Copy version already textured for convenience. Come and check out both sets and see which caters to your needs, as well as check out all the other great ZimberLab kits.


Teleport to ZimberLab @ The Deck


New @ The Deck – Elymode

Elymode-Sydney-separates @ The Deck

Elymode - starlight-dress @ The Deck

Elymode had long awaited NEWNESS now available at The Deck location. Sydney separates ( with appliers ) and the Starlight dresses, which are in delightful packs with an incredible HUD jam packed full of options, all for a great return to creation price.  Also all of the appliers items in the store have been updated, so if you have previous versions of applier compatible clothing, or are looking for some great styles, check out the range at Elymode.

Click for a TP to Elymode @ The Deck


New @ The Deck – ChiMia, L’APH, SySy’s, W.Winx

ChiMia  - Tabitha flats @ The Deck

ChiMia have just released their tabitha flats, they come with black and white bow options, as well as other features such as resizing options. Demos available in the store.

Click HERE to TP to ChiMia

baby sale

To celebrate the NEW Baby in Aphrodite Outlanders family (she had a baby boy in RL just recently) All items in the store are on SALE , 35% for regular colours and all BLUE items are 50% OFF, so do not miss out on the chance to get some great bargains, all mesh and all original in standard sizing, footwear and  clothing.

Click to TP to L’APH

SYSY's - Devant Classics - My Attic @ The Deck
SYSY's - Devant Brights - My Attic @ The Deck

SySy’s Devant Dresses are now available in her Mainstore, so come by and try on the DEMOS of these gorgeous mini dresses. Also check out the other items in the store, all original mesh pieces.

Click to TP to SySy’s

W Winx & Flair - WinxBox - MPop - My Attic @ The Deck

W Winx & Flair - WinxBox - Bright Lights BC - My Attic @ The Deck

The WinxBoxes are now in the W.Winx Mainstore, so check them out, as well as previous released Winxboxes and builds and furniture.

Click to TP to W.Winx Mainstore