New @ The Deck – Indyra, W.Winx & Flair

Indyra @ The Deck

Indyra has updated her The Deck location to show some incredible items…all outfits come with an amazing arrangement of textures and colours included, so if you want to get your sophistication on, then come to her The Deck store and shop shop shop shop.

Click to TP to Indyra @ The Deck

W.Winx & Flair - Rugs

W.Winx & Flair released a selection of rugs for your home. Each rug set is scripted on click to change the upper or lower texture to mix and match combinations within the set. It also has group only, owner only or public settings, so no one can come along and change your rug, or they can, it is up to you.

Click to Tp to W.Winx @ The Deck


New @ The Deck – My Attic last hours & Mynx

My Attic is open until Midnight SLT time tonight, so you have 19 hours left to make the most of the incredible savings. All items in the My Attic location are 95L only, so tp over as fast as you can.

Info on My Attic september HERE

Click to TP to My Attic


Also NEW to The Deck is Mynx, the following items are in her NEW The Deck location.

{MYNX} 1 {MYNX} 2 {MYNX} 3

Demos available, and some adorable Accessories to complete every girls look.

TP to Mynx @ The Deck



My Attic - September 2015 NOW OPEN

My Attic September is CLOSES on the 30th DO NOT MISS OUT! The theme is Town & Country and all items are 95L  and then full price in the mainstores of the creators. Please visit and enjoy the wonderful collection of Clothing, Accessories, Poses and Skins.

Click to TP to My Attic

Bushu @ My Attic
Cae @ My Attic
Cheeky Pea
Cheeky Pea @ My Attic
Emo-tions @ My Attic
Elysium @ My Attic
Essenz @ My Attic
Gato @ My Attic
Girl Thursday
Girl Thursday @ My Attic
K-Code @ My Attic
Kaithleens @ My Attic
Label Motion
Label Motion @ My Attic
Lacuna@My Attic
Leri Miles Designs
Leri Miles @ My Attic
Lumae @ My Attic
Luxuria @ My Attic
Ma Vie
Ma VIe @ My Attic
Meva @ My Attic
Mimikri @ My Attic
Nantra @ My Attic
Nyu @ My Attic
Repose @ My Attic
Sn@tch @ My Attic
The Annex
The Annex @ My Attic
Uncertain Smile
Uncertain Smile @ My Attic
Vanity Poses
Vanity Poses @ My Attic
Whippet & Buck
Whippet & Buck @ My Attic
W.Winx & Flair
WWInx & Flair @ My Attic

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