New @ The Deck – SySy’s , Flair

SYSY's-Portan Corset @ The Deck

Portan Bustier/Corsets now available in the SySy’s store @ The Deck. These are rigged mesh in standard sizes, and because of their peplum finish they fit over many items, making layering possible. Come and try the demos in the store.

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Flair - Nails Set 77

Flair - Nails Set 78

Flair - Nails Set 79

Flair - Nails Set 80

Flair - Nails Set 81

Flair - Nails Set 82

New Nails Appliers for the Avatar Enhanced systems are now at the Flair Mainstore @ The Deck. Come and check out the collection of over 80 nail sets available for Feet and hands combined.

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New @ The Deck – Lacuna , Flair


Lacuna has just released 6 Flirty Skirts in a great striped combination, as well as 16 cami tops in the same colours that appear in the skirts, so that you can mix and match everything and get lots more wear from each look. Come and try the demos available in the store.

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Flair - Nails Set 70

Flair - Nails Set 69

Flair - Nails Set 68

Flair - Nails Set 67

Four NEW sets of Nail Appliers, with feet and fingernails included. Come and see the full collection @ Flair Mainstore at The Deck.

Flair - Nails Set 66

This set is also available as a Gift when joining the Subscriber in the store, just click to join and the gift will be sent to you :).

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New @ The Deck – Adorkable Poses, ChiMia, Tutti Frutti & Ploom

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale

I have known for a few months that Adorkable Peapod’s RL has been keeping her very busy, I held my breath everytime I saw her yoyo’ing back and forth on the sim, as she tends to do when she has releases…and only exhaled when she would just say hi, or send me an ad for a new release. Today ended up the day that I was told she would be closing her store in world, and spending much of her time now in RL – where she is very happy, and I am so happy for her. She came to The Deck almost four years ago, a bundle of energy and had a little store – if you can believe that – on the other side of the sim, in the years she has supersized so many times, and I have been so happy to watch her transition into a store/business that has thrived and grown from fun and quirky, into must have fashionable poses and more over the years. She has been the Official Poser for Hair Fair for the past three years, and it was a pleasure working with her side by side during those events, and watching her run around setting up fun areas for people to take pics.

Adorkable is one of the stores at The Deck that make our sim feel like a home, I have loved having her here for all these years, and while I am truly sad that she is leaving, she is only taking her prims, not our friendship.

All of the tenants at The Deck and Whimsy and Myself wish Adorkable all the best in everything going forward…we love you so muchly ♥

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ChiMia __ Mounted Starlights @ The Deck

ChiMia has a new Mesh decorative item now in their store @ The Deck, so come and see this, the clothing, shoes and other decorative fun items on display.

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_TuttiFrutti_ Mesh Spring Dresses

Tutti Frutti has released these beautiful Spring Dresses, now at The Deck location. They are stunning printed mesh, and fun and easy to wear, come and try the demo for yourself.

Click to TP to Tutti Frutti @ The Deck

Ploom Chyna @ The Deck

Ploom Marisa  @ The Deck


Two stunning rigged mesh hairstyles from Ploom now also available at The Deck. These styles as well as others are in the store, with demos to try before purchase.

Teleport to Ploom @ The Deck

New @ The Deck – Flair , ChiMia

Flair - Nails Set 50

Flair - Nails Set 47

Flair - Nails Set 48

Flair - Nails Set 49

Four fun NEW Avatar Enhanced Nail HUD Systems, now available in the FLAIR store @ The Deck. These work with hands, feet and fingernails of the Avatar Enhanced range by SLink. Gift Set also available in the store.

Click to TP to FLAIR @ The Deck

NEW ChiMia @ The Deck

NEW ChiMia 2 @ The Deck

ChiMia __ Wendy summer hat  @ The Deck

New Clothing, footwear and accessories now available at ChiMia @ The Deck. These items have texture change options, with HUD control and demos available in the store. Come and see all that ChiMia has in stock.

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