New @ The Deck – Miel


Miel has their 50L Friday item available at their The Deck location. For one day only until midnight tonight this beautiful jewelry will be available just outside their store on the right side of the entrance, make sure you come by and grab yours.

CLICK to TP To MIEL @ The Deck


New @ The Deck – Essentia & Jester J’s

Essentia - Montana Feather Set

Essentia - Montana Feather Earrings

Essentia - Montana Feather Necklace

Beautiful New items from Essentia, these Montana Feather Earrings and Necklace are now available at The Deck, each item has a demo you can try on, and the necklace comes with a long and shorter version for ease of wear.

Click to TP to Essentia @ The Deck

Jester J's Streamer Striker

Jester J's Bee Bomber

Jester J's Popcorn Pop-gun Vendor

NEW items now available at Jester J’s, these fun toys are all the rage in pranking and fun. Ever wanted to shoot bee’s at a friend, or wondered how cool it would be to pummel a friend in popcorn ? The Streamer gun will make anyone’s Rezday a hoot.

TP To Jester J’s @ The Deck