The Deck Reminder – Adorkable Poses SALE and My Attic/August

A reminder of things happening at The Deck.

First off there is not much time left to get all your Adorkable Poses at the 50% OFF Sale that ends on the 26th, so do not miss out on that.

50% off sale!


Click to TP to Adorkable Poses @ The Deck

Then you have all the wonderful items at this session of My Attic. 15 stores have all created something to the theme of Shaken not Stirred. All items are only 95L while this event is on.

My Attic August 21st Designers













Honey by Adorkable Poses

Honey Pose Pack by Adorkable Poses.

boom pepper dress

Pepper Dress (mesh) by BOOM.

(Cracked Mirror) Billow Tube Top

Billow Tube Top (mesh) by Cracked Mirror.

Cynful ad My Attic

[Cynful] UjB vend

Deliciosa Lingerie – 5 colours – by Cynful
UJB Pants (mesh) by Cynful

DCNY Panel 54_Martini Dress & Clutch

Panel 54 Martini dress and clutch by DCNY (clutch is mesh)

(Elate!) Camille Pencil Skirt Ad

Camille Pencil Skirt by Elate

Elymode Sean Dress for My Attic @ The Deck

Sean Dress and Highwaist skirt (mesh) HUD Colour options on top by Elymode

TRACEY by EMO-tions

Tracey Hair (partial mesh) by EMO-tions.

MINA Hair - Ingrid

Ingrid Hair with hairbases HUD controlled texture change headband by Mina Hair.

[Miseria] August Pose Set Ad1

August Pose Pack by Miseria.

PIDIDDLE - Polka Dot Remix Ribbon Kini Ad

PIDIDDLE - Cocktail Hour Ad

Ribbon Kini polka dot remix by Pididdle
Cocktail Hour Lipstick (tattoo layers) with and without teeth by Pididdle.

Vespa by Ploom

Fancy Poses by Ploom

Vespa Hair (mesh) by Ploom
Fancy Poses (with curvy options included) by Ploom

Toki-Doki - attic boho bag poster

Attic Boho Bag (mesh) by Toki Doki.

_TuttiFrutti_ Vesper Mesh Long Dresses

Vesper Long Dress (mesh) by Tutti Frutti

WWinx and Flair - WinxBox - Stirred Ad Final

WWinx and Flair - WinxBox - Shaken Ad Final

WWinx & Flair - WinxBox - Poker Face AD2

Shaken WinxBox texture change dividers, walls, lights…5 custom poses,lights on/off(mesh insides) by W.Winx and Flair
Stirred WinxBox texture change cushion, chair, divider, walls, border, lights…5 custom poses, lights on/off (mesh insides) by W.Winx and Flair
Royale WinxBox 5 custom poses (mesh insides) by W.Winx and Flair

Demos set up on back verandah at My Attic.

Click to Teleport to My Attic @ The Deck