New items @ The Deck – Jester J’s

King's Krown Poster
Terrific Tiara Poster
Tacky Toque Poster
Hammock Haven Poster
Tasteful Turban Poster
Buoyant Balloons

Balloon Toque, Tiara, Turban, & Krown! All made from the best latex rubber money can buy! These hats will never pop, no matter how many elephants fall on your head! (it happens more than you think) Be a superhero, or royalty, or simply cover that bald spot that you’ve been trying to hide with a comb over for years!  All hats are copy/mod, so they will fit even the fattest head!

The Hammock Haven comes with two hammock sets and two trees!  With and Without monkeys!  Lounge in the shade of endangered balloon pleasant palm and you watch primitive peculiar primate!        Hammocks and Palms are copy/mod so feel free to make five hundred giant ones and annoy your neighbors!

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