Halloween Week @ The Deck – Urbanity

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_UB_ Yummeh Twig
_UB_ Tube Socks
_UB_ Lowrise Bermudas
In the Urbanity store we have treats that you can eat and wear and just enjoy the fun of. The burmuda shorts are a must have, and the twig to chew on is a free item for The Deck Halloween Week, all these items are part of the Halloween Week event, so don’t miss out.

Click for a TP to The Deck

Other items part of Halloween @ The Deck week.

Eyes by Adam n Eve

LO_REFUR_PROMO_2_512 Miel copy

Winx-Apothecary Bottles Ad

halloween poster-blog


All items that are part of The Deck Halloween event are priced at 100L or under , some freebies and dollarbies also.