New @ The Deck – Luck Inc – Idiosyncrasy – Shape it up

Petitei Verkauf ad
The Mini Solid Colors Verkauf ad

New items now in the Luck Inc store @ The Deck. Come to The Deck location of Luck Inc and peruse the fabulous prints and bold solids of these and other items.

Click to TP to Luck Inc @ The Deck .


Sperm Hunt participants @ The Deck

Idiosyncrasy Sperm Hunt Gift

Idiosyncrasy @ The Deck is part of the Grid Wide sperm hunt, if you find the little critter, and he isn’t really that little…you will get this beautiful skin as your gift.

TP to Idiosyncrasy @ The Deck

Shape it Up shapes is also part of the Sperm Hunt , I don’t have a picture for that, but they are on the same sim, so while you are there just jump across the lake in the middle and find another great gift.

TP to Shape it Up @ The Deck