New @ The Deck – Rainbow Chaser, Shape it Up

[[RC]] Rainbow Chaser

Rainbow Chaser
has moved into The Deck , a mix of womens fashion, tattoos and bikinis, this Japanese creator has a lovely colourful collection.

Rainbow Chaser @ The Deck

Also Shape it Up has added NEW releases to their shape store @ The Deck.

Each just 249L each…if you’d like a mod shape, we can, just i.m. us, if you’d like us to modify one of our shapes for you, we can! *All demos have large feet & hands–your purchased shape won’t!

Lucky board at The Deck location!

Toni by Shape it Up
Catwalk by Shape it Up
Johan by Shape it Up
Max by Shape it Up
Pride by Shape it Up
The Doll by Shape it Up

Shape it up @ The Deck